NTCA Throws Safety Certification Program

Mark Heckel

Director, NTCA Safety Program
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One of the least addressed areas of our sport is safety. The National Throws Coaches Association feels that safety in training and competition is just as important to the future of our sport as are changes in training and technique. The Throws Safety Certification program is intended to provide coaches, athletes, officials and supporters of the sport with information and training in conducting safe training sessions and competitions.

With increased interest in the development of the throws, and the hammer in particular, the need for addressing safety issues is more relevant than ever.

Throws safety is an "all-the-time" thing, and should never be taken lightly. In our three hour seminar, we cover the essential points of consideration in conducting a safe practice and a safe competition. Many times, the local coach or athletic director has the responsibility for making sure that the competition arena is safe for everyone - competitors, coaches, spectators and officials.

The National Throws Coaches Association provides Throws Safety Certification on demand. The three hour course is intended to provide coaches, officials, administrators and others with safety education, materials and resources for conducting the throwing events in a safe, efficient and audience friendly manner.

Participation in the training is voluntary, and the certification from the NTCA lasts for two years. At the end of the two year period, participants are encouraged to attend the certification course again, as policies and procedures may have changed in the interim.

Participants are encouraged to review this website, and it's accompanying materials, on a regular basis, as instructional materials will be added from time to time.